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Capture Engine trust table tab
Select the Trust Table tab for a connected Capture Engine in the Capture Engines window.
The Trust Table tab allows you to associate 802.11 WLAN addresses with a trust value: Trusted, Known, or Unknown. These values are used by the WLAN and Summary views of a Capture Engine capture window.
The parts of the Trust Table tab are identified below.
Insert: Click to open the Insert dialog, where you can enter the physical address (MAC address) of the entry and choose one of the three Trust values for this node.
Trusted: Can be assigned to the devices on your own network.
Known: Lets you identify familiar sources that are beyond your own control, such as an access point in a neighboring office.
Unknown: The default value, assumed for any node not listed in the Trust Table.
Edit: Click to edit the selected entry.
Delete: Click to delete the selected entry.
Refresh: Click to update your view of the remote Trust Table with the most recent changes.
Click here to send changes: Click to send your changes to the Capture Engine.
NOTE: Making changes to the trust values of entries on a Capture Engine is a two step process: first make the changes in the Insert dialog, then send the changes to the Capture Engine.