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For wireless packet capture, Omnipeek requires the installation of a special NDIS driver to capture wireless management, control, and data packets. This driver also provides complete support for network services when the application is not being used.
LiveAction has tested Atheros, and Ralink chipsets for wireless capture. For more information and to download other compatible wireless drivers, please visit
The LiveAction Wireless Driver supports advanced functionalities such as WPA/WPA2 decryption, noise measurement and hardware time-stamping. For driver installation instructions, please refer to the Readme file included with the driver.
To configure wireless channel settings and 802.11 security settings for your WLAN adapter, see Configuring wireless channels and encryption.
IMPORTANT: Some cards supported by Omnipeek may not be usable for network services. 802.11 WLAN cards cannot be used for network services while they are in RF Monitor mode. The LiveAction Capture Adapters are optimized for capture and do not send packets. They cannot be used for network services.