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802.11 Analysis
The 802.11 analysis module displays and logs the values found in the one-bit frame control fields of the 802.11 WLAN MAC headers.
To open the 802.11 Analysis Module Options dialog:
1. On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click Analysis Modules.
2. Select 802.11 Analysis Module and click Options. The 802.11 Analysis Module Options dialog appears.
3. Select Display frame control flags to have flags displayed in the Summary column of the Packets view of capture windows.
4. Assign (or accept defaults for) the character Omnipeek will use for each of the frame control flags monitored by the analysis module.
To change the character, type a new value beside the flag.
Indicate null values for any of the frame control flags by entering the character in the Flag not present text box.
5. Click OK to accept your changes.