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FTP Analysis
The FTP analysis module provides the ability to:
Report the number of successful file transfer initiations, completions, and failures.
Report and display the names of files that are being uploaded or downloaded.
Report and display ftp commands (for example, ls, cd, and so forth).
The FTP analysis module also watches FTP control traffic for status messages that signal the successful start and end of a file transfer. A count is then added to Summary Statistics for these values. The FTP analysis module can also write these control messages to the Summary column of the Packets view of capture windows.
FTP can send an unsuccessful termination message. This condition is rare, but can be of interest to a network manager, especially if there is a high incidence of terminated sessions. Normally, failed FTP transactions are due to unexpected network delays or disruptions. Because a status packet does not usually accompany termination, the only way for a network manager to be aware of this condition is by monitoring the difference between the successful start and end of file transfers. A high discrepancy can signal not only potential network problems, but also additional loss of bandwidth due to unsuccessful transfers.