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Applying Analysis Modules
Applying Analysis Modules
About analysis modules
Analysis Modules are external plug-ins that provide additional highly focused analysis features to the program. An Analysis Module tests network traffic and provides detailed summaries and counts of key parameters, posting its results to the Summary Statistics windows and to the Summary column of the Packets view of capture windows.
Enabled Analysis Modules are applied to traffic captured in real time and to packets in the buffer of a capture window. You can enable and disable Analysis Modules in Omnipeek individually. In addition, many Analysis Modules have user-configurable options, which can be used to further refine the data you collect about your network.
The Analysis Modules shipped with Omnipeek cover a wide range of the most common protocols and network applications. An SDK is available for users to write their own Analysis Modules to report on proprietary protocols or applications, or to present statistics of interest in a particular environment. Visit for more information.
NOTE: Capture Engines with Analysis Modules use a subset of the Analysis Modules available in Omnipeek. For a complete list, see Capture Engine analysis modules.