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Viewing and Decoding Packets
Viewing and Decoding Packets
About packets
Packets, the units of data carried on the network, are the basis for all higher level network analysis. When troubleshooting network problems, it is important to be able to drill down into the packets themselves by looking at their individual decodes as well as use the packets captured into the buffer as the foundation for expert and statistical analysis. The Packets view of a capture window is where you can view information about the individual packets transmitted on your network.
Packets can be captured in multiple configurable capture windows, each with its own selected adapter, its own dedicated capture buffer, and its own settings for filters, triggers, and statistics output. With Omnipeek, you can have capture windows for capturing packets locally from Omnipeek, and remotely from a Capture Engine. The number of capture windows you can have open at one time is only limited by the amount of available memory.