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The Capture Window
The Capture Window
About capture windows
Capture windows are the main interface for presenting traffic analysis information about your network. Omnipeek lets you create capture windows for local captures, as well as remotely from multiple interfaces to an unlimited number of distributed Capture Engines.
You can create multiple configurable capture windows, each with its own selected adapter and its own capture settings. The number of capture windows you can have open at one time is limited only by the amount of available system resources.
When configuring a capture window’s capture settings, keep in mind that the window’s capture performance can be directly related to the number and type of capture options that you have enabled. For example, enabling more options may give you more data, but may come at the price of a greater likelihood of not capturing all the data.
The things that determine how much data (and therefore how many capture options) a capture can handle is determined by the system memory and CPU power of the Omnipeek or Capture Engine computer, the amount and kind of data that is being captured, and the number of capture options and analysis modules that are enabled. Enabling capture options, such as Capture to disk, Expert Analysis, and Graphs; and enabling an analysis module such as VoIP Analysis consumes much more machine resources than others.