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Creating and Using Filters : Creating a simple filter
Creating a simple filter
You can create a simple filter by manually entering the parameters for the filter that you want to create. Unlike creating a filter using the Make Filter command, you will have to manually define one or more of the parameters (address, protocol, and port settings) for the filter you want to create.
To create a simple filter by defining any combination of address, protocol, and port:
1. Do one of the following to display the list of filters:
On the View menu, click Filters
Click the Filters view in an open capture window
Click the Filters options from the Capture Engine Capture Options dialog
2. Click Insert. The Insert / Edit Filter dialog appears.
3. Complete the dialog and click OK. The new filter is now available whenever a list of available filters is displayed.
NOTE: Click Help on the dialog to learn about the available options and settings.