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Multi-Segment Analysis : MSA project analysis options : Creating a mapping profile
Creating a mapping profile
A mapping profile is used to map private addresses/ports to public addresses/ports.
NOTE: If your project includes a Network Address Translation (NAT) segment, the auto-arrange feature should not be selected until you apply a mapping profile.
To create a mapping profile:
1. From the MSA project window, click Analysis Options to display the Multi-Segment Analysis Options dialog.
2. Click inside the box in the Mapping Profile column for the desired segment. A popup menu appears.
3. Select New. The Mapping Profile dialog appears.
4. Complete the Mapping Profile dialog:
Name: Type a name for the profile.
Insert: Click to display Address/Port Mapping dialog. Complete the dialog.
Edit: Click to edit a selected mapping. The Address/Port Mapping dialog appears. Complete the dialog.
Delete: Click to delete a selected mapping.
Import: Click to import an MSA mapping file (*.xml).
Export: Click to export a mapping profile to an MSA mapping file (*.xml).
Swap: Click to swap directions of a selected mapping.
5. Click OK.