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Menus and Keyboard Shortcuts
Menus and Keyboard Shortcuts
File menu
Menu item
New Capture…
Ctrl + N
Opens the Capture Options dialog to configure a new capture window.
New Capture From Template
Creates a new capture window whose layout matches the template selected by one of the two methods below.
Opens a file Open dialog wherein you can navigate to the capture window template of your choice.
(recent templates)
A list of the most recently used capture window templates. Choose one to create a new capture window using this template.
New Multi-Segment Analysis Project…
Ctrl + Shift + N
Starts the New Multi-Segment Analysis Project wizard.
New Compass Workspace…
Ctrl + Shift + C
Open a new Compass workspace which allows you to aggregate and display network utilization and statistic chart windows from any number of capture files.
Ctrl + O
Opens an Omnipeek capture file or other supported file type in a new capture file window.
Closes the active window or file.
Save All Packets…
Ctrl + S
Opens the Save dialog to save all packets in the active window.
Save Selected Packets…
Opens the Save dialog to save selected packets in the active window. This item is displayed as Save Filters…, Save Graph…, Save Names…, or as Save Log…, Save Node Statistics, and so forth, when the relevant window is active.
Save Report…
Opens the Save Report dialog to choose the file format and location in which to save a report on any of several collections of statistics for the current capture window or capture file. Formats include text (*.txt, *.csv), HTML, or XML.
Save Capture Template…
Opens the Save dialog to save the Capture Options of the current capture window as a capture template (*.ctf), so it can be used to format subsequent new capture windows.
Print Setup…
Opens the Print Setup… dialog for configuring printer functions.
Ctrl + P
Prints the active window in a format appropriate to its type.
Print Selected Packets…
Opens the Print dialog to allow you to print the Decode view of the selected packets as a single document.
Displays various properties for the capture window.
Recent File
Following the Properties command is a numbered list of recently opened capture files.
Alt + F4
Quit Omnipeek.