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Using the Name Table : Omnipeek name resolution
Omnipeek name resolution
Omnipeek can actively resolve IP device or host names on your network if DNS is reachable. Once names are resolved, they can be added automatically to your Name Table, where the names will be available to replace logical address entries for devices in any displays.
To resolve names manually:
1. Select the nodes or packets whose addresses you wish to resolve. You can do this directly in any window that shows the individual nodes.
2. Click Resolve Names in the header of the window in which you’ve selected the items, or right-click and click Resolve Names….
Omnipeek will use your network to find the names of the IP addresses of the selected packets. You must have an adapter available for network services, and DNS must be reachable over the network. Once names have been resolved, you will see name entries substituted for logical addresses in all displays.
TIP: You can also look up the address of an IP name by clicking Resolve Name in the Edit Name dialog.
IMPORTANT: Name resolution requires an active network connection. 802.11 WLAN adapters cannot be used for network services when they are in use for monitoring or capture. The LiveAction Gigabit cards can never be used for network services. For more information, see Supported adapters.