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Omnipeek Remote Assistant
Omnipeek Remote Assistant
About Omnipeek Remote Assistant
Omnipeek Remote Assistant (ORA) is an easy to use, fully secure tool for troubleshooting wired and wireless networks. ORA allows remote users to easily collect critical network data needed for troubleshooting network problems. The network data (also known as “captures”) is fully encrypted and can only be accessed by the analyst requesting the data. Once the data has been collected and stored locally on the computer running ORA, the files can be transferred to the analyst for further investigation using Omnipeek.
There are three steps when using ORA:
First, the network analyst generates an ORA session to be sent to the remote user. This session is packaged in an ORA management file (a ZIP file containing an executable file and supporting files). Each ORA session can be based on an existing ORA group (using the same security key) or a new ORA group with new encryption key. See Generating an ORA management file.
The second step is for the remote user to extract the files from the ORA management file, and then run the ORA executable. See Generating encrypted capture files.
The third step is for the network analyst to open and analyze the files generated from the remote user. See Opening an encrypted capture file.
You can also import and export ORA management files. Importing ORA management files allows another Omnipeek–ORA user to analyze files that they did not generate themselves. See Importing an ORA management file. Exporting ORA management files allows a user to authorize another Omnipeek–ORA user to open and analyze files generated by the original user. See Exporting ORA management file.