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Post-capture Analysis : Hiding and unhiding packets
Hiding and unhiding packets
To reduce the number of visible packets in the Packets view of a capture window, you can hide packets from the view without actually deleting them from a capture window. Hide functions are disabled for capture windows when the capture is still running.
Hidden packets are not processed by Analysis Modules or used when calculating the various capture window statistics. Additionally, they are not printed when the contents of the window are printed, and are not saved when you choose Save All Packets… from the File menu. They are, however, deleted when you select Clear All Packets from the Edit menu or press Ctrl + B.
Hiding or Unhiding packets causes all packets in the capture window to be reprocessed by any enabled Analysis Modules and causes statistics to be recalculated based on the changed visible contents of the capture window’s buffer.
NOTE: The hide and unhide functions are not supported for a Capture Engine capture window. The packets from a Capture Engine capture window must first be brought into an Omnipeek capture window in order to use the hide functions. See Using hide and unhide on a Capture Engine.
To use the hide and unhide functions:
To hide the selected packets, on the Edit menu, click Hide Selected Packets (or press Ctrl + H).
To hide unselected packets, on the Edit menu, click Hide Unselected Packets (or press Ctrl + Shift + H).
To restore all hidden packets to view, on the Edit menu, click Unhide All Packets (or press Ctrl + U). You can continue to selectively hide additional packets but cannot selectively unhide packets.