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Post-capture Analysis : Finding strings in packets
Finding strings in packets
You can search for string patterns found in the packet data of an Omnipeek capture window.
To find string patterns:
1. Select the Packets view of a capture window.
2. On the Edit menu, click Find Pattern (or press Ctrl + F). The Find Pattern dialog appears.
3. Complete the dialog:
Find in: Select the location where you would like to search.
Packet data: Searches for a string using the chosen format anywhere in the raw data of the packet.
Packet list headers: Searches for a match with a string found in the packet list headers; that is, with the text shown in the current set of columns in the Packet List pane of the Packets view for that packet.
Decoded text: Searches for a match with a string found in the text of the decoded packet. This is like doing a text search in the Decode view portion of the text file which would be created by choosing Save Selected Packets as Text for the currently selected packets.
Packet notes: Searches for a match with a string found in any Note associated with any packet in the Packet List pane. This is like doing a search in the optional Notes column of the Packets view.
Format: Select the format of the pattern you wish to match. You can choose to test for a match in Default Text, UTF-8, Hex Data, or More Encodings (many other encodings).
Find what: Type or select the string pattern you would like to find.
Match case: Select this check box to match the string exactly as typed.
4. Click Find Next.
The first packet matching the string will be highlighted in the Packets view. To find the next matching packet in the sequence, on the Edit menu, click Find Next (or press F3).
TIP: The Find Pattern and Find Next commands search the packets in packet number order, starting from, but not including, the currently selected packet.
NOTE: The Find Pattern and Find Next commands are not supported from a Capture Engine capture window. In order to use these techniques, you must first save the packets to an Omnipeek capture file. See Using hide and unhide on a Capture Engine.