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Displaying and Reporting Statistics : WLAN statistics : Hierarchy of wireless nodes
Hierarchy of wireless nodes
The hierarchy of wireless nodes is displayed as follows:
ESSID (Extended Service Set Identifier): the name of a logical group of access points
BSSID (Basic Service Set Identifier): a single access point
STA (Station): a client associated to the particular access point
Each individual station (STA) is arranged under the BSSID of the access point (or equivalent) to which it most recently sent a packet.
Stations which have never sent a packet cannot be assigned to an actual BSSID. Until they send a packet to an access point or to a member of an ad hoc group, these nodes are displayed under BSSID Unknown. Three classes of addresses show up in the ESSID Unknown/BSSID Unknown category:
Broadcast and multicast addresses, tagged as Admin in the Type column.
Stations which have sent a Probe Request to a particular ESSID, but which have not associated with any known BSSID.
Nodes which cannot be assigned to any BSSID or ESSID because of the hidden node problem (you can detect only one participant in a conversation, because the other is beyond your range).