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22.2 What’s New
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What’s New in Omnipeek 22.2.0
What’s New in Omnipeek 22.2.0
Added configurable retention rules for packet storage
Added WebViews to Omnipeek Web
Added ability to reconstruct flow contents from packets for HTTP
Updated ThreatEye plugin to support latest ThreatEye features
Added geo location data to reconstructions view data
Enabled Average Network and Application Latency columns in Flows View by default
Changed the default packet file save format to .pkt
Added Save Payload Functionality for Reconstruction View on Omnipeek Web
Added search boxes to several screens in Omnipeek Web
Added a click-through software license agreement statement to the Omnipeek Web and Omnipeek for Windows log-in screens
Added Servers/Clients/Pages/Requests counts to Omnipeek Web