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Omnipeek 23.1.0 Readme : What's New In Omnipeek 23.1.0
What's New In Omnipeek 23.1.0
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New Features
Added support for Two-Factor-Authentication (2FA) (OD-2587)
Added more file reconstructions from packets (OD-2838)
SMB (CIFS only; v2 and v3 later)
Added link status to adapters view (OD-1729)
Added scroll-to-last-packet (OD-1727, 1259)
Key Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue where omnid can crash when using forensic search with reconstructions (OD-3069)
Fixed an issue where the TCP Expert will sometimes fail (OD-3052)
Fixed an issue where redirecting the audit log output to file is not working (OD-3023)
Corrected an error in TNS Refused Expert (OD-2903)