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Omnipeek 23.3.0 : What's New In Omnipeek 23.3.0
What's New In Omnipeek 23.3.0
Omnipeek / LiveWire Omnipeek
New Features
Improved performance and stability by replacing the application identification library
Changed the reported model numbers for all appliances in the LiveWire UI and the SNMP MIB for better consistency
Added notification and enforcement that the .npkt format is required for compression
Removed "Productivity" and "Risk" metrics from all application analysis
Upgraded LiveWire to work with OpenSSL 3
Added packet reconstruction for SMB3 read and write requests
Disabled autodiscovery by default to increase security -- users must now opt in
Added new ACL policies for creating and deleting forensic searches
Key Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue which caused the TCPdump adapter in Omnipeek for Windows to fail in v23.2
Fixed an issue where error code 80004005 was sometimes being generated with forensic searches
Fixed a crash in SMB reconstructions that was affecting many customers
Fixed an issue where zooming in on a traffic spike in the Compass dashboard could cause a crash
Fixed an ACL issue where users with no access to delete capture sessions could still select that option