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About LiveCapture
Congratulations on your purchase of LiveCapture™! LiveCapture appliances are designed and optimized for raw packet capture and analysis, without dropping a packet. Packets are captured and stored at up to 40 Gbps (LiveCapture 3100 with external storage attached) in standard packet file formats for easy access to the packet data. Stored packet files can be indexed with a variety of characteristics to make retrieval of relevant packets significantly faster. LiveCapture works together with Omnipeek (Windows software), LiveAction’s award-winning network analysis software.
With Omnipeek, users can initiate forensic searches for packet data on the LiveCapture appliance. The packets meeting the search criteria are analyzed on the appliance using the built-in analytical software, and the results are visualized and further analyzed using Omnipeek. Packet files can also be downloaded and stored for off-line analysis by Omnipeek. LiveCapture is widely used in enterprises alongside network monitoring solutions to provide the most complete data required for true root-cause analysis – the packets themselves.
LiveCapture is available in the following configurations:
LiveCapture 1100
LiveCapture 3100

Base Frequency
Max Turbo Frequency
1 x Intel® Xeon® Bronze 3106

1.70 GHz

2 x Intel® Xeon® Gold 6126

2.6 GHz
3.7 GHz
32 GB
192 GB
Expansion Slots
1 x 16 FH/HL
NOTE: A total of one capture adapter can be added to the LiveCapture 1100.
64 TB / 128 TB Configuration:
1 x 16 FH/FL
2 x 8 FH/FL
1 x 8 FH/HL
96 TB Configuration:
1 x 8 FH/FL
1 x 8 FH/HL
3 x 16 FH/FL
1 x 16 LP/HL
NOTE: A total of three capture adapters can be added to the LiveCapture 3100.
Integrated Network Interfaces
4 x 1GBASE-T
4 x 1GBASE-T
Included as part of Storage-Data
2 x 2 TB NLSAS (4 TB)
2 x 1.8 TB SAS (3.6 TB)
4 x 4 TB NLSAS (16 TB)
16 x 8 TB NLSAS (128 TB)
16 x 4 TB NLSAS (64 TB)
12 x 8 TB NLSAS (96 TB)
Capture Adapter Options
(High performance network analysis cards)
1G Capture Adapter (4-port)
NOTE: A total of one capture adapter can be added to the LiveCapture 1100.
1G Capture Adapter (4-port)
10G Capture Adapter
(2- or 4-port)
40G Capture Adapter
100G Capture Adapter
NOTE: A total of three capture adapters can be added to the LiveCapture 3100.
PERC H840 Adapter (used only for storage subsystem)
NOTE: In this guide, references to ‘LiveCapture’ refer to the complete collection of LiveCapture configurations described in the table above. When necessary, references to a specific LiveCapture configuration are specified to note any differences between configurations.
The Capture Engine software pre-installed on LiveCapture works in conjunction with Omnipeek, a separate software program required for the monitoring and analysis of the packets captured remotely by LiveCapture. For detailed instructions on how to view and analyze remote captures from within the Omnipeek console, please see the Omnipeek User Guide or Omnipeek online help. For more information on the Capture Engine software, please see Capture Engines.