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Introduction : Front / rear panels : LiveWire Edge front panel
LiveWire Edge front panel
Indicator, Button, or Connector
Reset Button
Insert a paper clip, and press and hold the reset button for three seconds to reset LiveWire Edge to its factory settings. You will lose all saved settings and data on LiveWire Edge when it is reset to its factory settings. Once LiveWire Edge has reset, you will need to run the configuration utility again as described in Using the LiveAdmin utility.
Power-on Button with LED
Press to power-on or power-off LiveWire Edge. When in Standby mode, the LED lights red; in Power-on mode, the LED lights green; when Off, the LED does not light.
Power-in Socket
Connects to the screw-on connector on the power adapter included with LiveWire Edge.
Note: Make sure the screw-on connector on the power adapter is connected to the Power-in Socket on LiveWire Edge before the power adapter is plugged into an AC power source.