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Capturing Data for Wireless Analysis : Roaming latency analysis
Roaming latency analysis
Roaming latency is the amount of time it takes for a wireless client to move from one access point to another. You can use Omnipeek to perform roaming latency analysis by measuring the amount of time between the last known data packet for a device on one access point, and the first data packet seen for that device on another access point. This is extremely useful in determining whether latency is caused by devices on the network, applications on the network, or the network itself.
Roaming latency analysis requires multichannel analysis since roaming typically involves a change in one or more channels. See Capturing Packets from an Aggregator/Roaming Adapter. Once you have started capturing from one or more of the wireless adapters, you can see the roaming latency data displayed in the three Roaming views: Log, by Node, and by AP.
TIP: Double-click an entry inside each of the Roaming views to filter and view the packets associated with that entry.