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Omnipeek with distributed Capture Engines
As a software console for Capture Engines, Omnipeek can also manage and interact with an unlimited number of Capture Engines performing independent capture and analysis at any location across the network. Omnipeek allows network engineers to troubleshoot problems and perform statistical analysis on remote segments from a single location, as shown in the diagram below.
A single Capture Engine can also link to multiple installations of Omnipeek, allowing simultaneous connection and collaboration, as shown in the following diagram.
In addition, because Capture Engines put the processing power at the point of capture, multiple connections and diverse configurations can be used without creating a strain on network bandwidth.
The separately purchased Capture Engines have no user interface of their own, and rely on Omnipeek to provide a user interface through the Capture Engines window. For more information, see Using Capture Engines with Omnipeek. See also the Capture Engine for Omnipeek Getting Started Guide that ships with the product or the online help in the Capture Engine Manager application.