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Viewing and Decoding Packets : Printing packet lists and packet decode windows
Printing packet lists and packet decode windows
You have several options for printing packets from a capture window.
To print the packets currently displayed in the Packets view:
On the File menu, click Print….
NOTE: For more on selecting, hiding, and unhiding packets, see Post-capture Analysis.
To print selected packets as decoded packets:
On the File menu, click Print Selected Packets….
The packets are decoded and saved to an RTF file that preserves the text formatting and page layout of the same packets in the Decode view of the Packet Decode window.
TIP: You can also save the packets as decoded packets in an RTF or HTML format, and then print them from another application that can read and print those file types. This alternative preserves the formatting of the Packet Decode window and allows multiple packets to be printed on individual pages.