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Viewing and Decoding Packets : Showing data offsets and mask information
Showing data offsets and mask information
Offsets are a measure of location within a packet, counted as the distance in bytes from the first byte of the packet. The offset of the first byte is “0,” that of the second byte is “1,” and so on.
The mask is a mathematical way of defining a particular bit or bits within a byte. The offset and mask information is especially useful when developing protocols, constructing filters, and in a variety of other detailed packet analysis tasks.
To hide or display offsets in the Decode view:
Right-click inside the Decode view and select Show Offsets.
TIP: You can quickly create a filter that matches the value found at a particular point in a packet, directly from the Decode view. Highlight the item you wish to match and click Make Filter, or right-click and choose Make Filter….