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Viewing and Decoding Packets : Choosing a decoder
Choosing a decoder
Decoders provide the instructions required to display packet contents, based on the type of protocols used. For certain packets, you can choose a decoder directly from the Decode view. Choosing a decoder is particularly useful in environments where new protocols are under development, or where TCP or UDP applications are using non-standard ports.
When the Choose Decoder option is available for a certain packet, the Choose Decoder option is available when you right-click inside the Decode view.
To choose a decoder for the packet:
1. Right-click inside the Decode view and select Choose Decoder. The Select Decoder dialog appears with a list of decoders available for the packet.
2. Select the desired decoder and click Use Decoder.
The decoder you choose will be used for the current packet and all subsequent packets of the same type.
IMPORTANT: To restore the default, select Default Decoder from the Select Decoder window.
NOTE: LiveAction provides decoders for hundreds of protocols and subprotocols (see The modules that decode packets are installed in the Decodes folder where the program is installed.