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Expert Analysis : Expert views and tabs : Expert Applications view
Expert Applications view
The Expert Applications view categorizes each flow by application. Flows are grouped together by application, providing a hierarchical view of the use of each application, first by server, then by client, and then by port. This view allows you to see who is using each application on your network and how each application is performing. The hierarchy in the Applications view is displayed as follows:
Application: applications like ‘eBay,’ ‘Facebook,’ ‘Instagram,’ etc.
Server: IP addresses of servers using above protocol
Client: IP addresses of clients connected to above server (followed by Individual flows between IP addresses and Individual Events)
Port: Port addresses of the client and server. The first port listed is the client port; the second port listed is the server port. The arrow between the ports shows the direction of the flow.
To display the Applications view, select Applications under Expert in the navigation bar of a capture window.
For a complete list and description of the columns available in the Applications view, see Expert clients/servers, flows, and application view columns.