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Expert Analysis
Expert Analysis
About Expert analysis
The Expert views in Omnipeek and Capture Engines provide expert analysis of response time, throughput, and network applications in a flow-centered view of captured traffic. Expert views also provide a detailed view of every transaction, noting any events encountered in each individual conversation or flow. You can drill down to select the packets associated with a particular event or with any conversation in Expert views.
The Expert EventFinder scans traffic in a capture window, looking for key events. Individual network events are included in the Expert EventFinder, which displays and explains anomalies and sub-optimal performance at all layers of the network. See Expert EventFinder.
The Flow Visualizer presents a variety of ways to look at an individual flow, providing a snapshot all of the packets that were in the buffer for a particular flow at the time the window was created. See Flow Visualizer.
The Network Policy dialog allows you to configure network policies and find violations of these policies in a capture window. Network Policy is only supported for wireless captures. See Network policy settings.