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Edit menu
Menu item
Ctrl + Z
Undoes the last edit.
Ctrl + Shift + Z
Redoes the last edit.
Ctrl + X
Cuts the highlighted item(s) and copies to the clipboard.
Ctrl + C
Copies highlighted item(s) to the clipboard.
Ctrl + V
Pastes the current contents of the clipboard.
When the Filters window is active, opens the Insert Filter dialog; when the Name Table window is active, opens the Insert dialog.
Deletes the highlighted item(s).
Clear All Packets
Ctrl + B
Deletes all packets from the active capture window.
Select All
Ctrl + A
Selects all packets, text, or items in a window.
Select None
Ctrl + D
Removes all highlighting and selection.
Invert Selection
Unselects items that were selected and selects items that were unselected.
Select Packets…
Ctrl + E
Opens the Select Packets dialog, where you can use filters, ASCII or hex strings, packet length, and Analysis Modules to select captured packets.
Select Related Packets
Searches for and selects packets that provide best matches to the highlighted item(s), based on the set of characteristics chosen from the list below.
By Source
Chooses packets with matching source address.
By Destination
Chooses packets with matching destination address.
By Source and Destination
Chooses packets with matching source and destination addresses.
Chooses packets in virtual LAN.
By Protocol
Chooses packets with matching protocol.
By Port
Chooses packets with matching port.
By Application
Chooses packets by application.
By Flow
Chooses packets sent between two nodes, using the matching protocol.
Hide Selected Packets
Ctrl + H
Removes selected packets from the display without deleting them. Hidden packets are not processed further.
Hide Unselected Packets
Ctrl + Shift + H
Removes unselected packets from the display without deleting them. Hidden packets are not processed further.
Unhide All Packets
Ctrl + U
Restores all previously hidden packets to normal status.
Copy Selected Packets to New Window
Creates a temporary capture file window containing only the selected packets.
Reprocess All Packets
Forces the same recalculation of all views without hiding or unhiding any packets. Changes to Reprocess VoIP Info when you hold down the Ctrl key before selecting the Edit menu. This reprocesses only the information in the VoIP tab.
Go To…
Ctrl + G
Opens the Go To dialog where you can choose a packet number to jump to. If packets are selected, the number of the first selected packet is shown.
Go To Next Selected
Ctrl + J
Jumps to the next selected packet.
Go To Previous Selected
Ctrl + Shift+J
Jumps to the previously selected packet.
Find Pattern
Ctrl + F
Opens the Find Pattern dialog to search for a user-defined string in specified parts of packets.
Find Next
Finds the next match in sequence to the previous Find Pattern search.