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Help menu
Menu item
Help Topics
Launches the Online Help.
Keyboard Map
Opens the Help Keyboard dialog that displays the keyboard accelerator keys for Omnipeek.
Show Start Page
Opens the Start Page.
Check for Updates
Connects to the internet to determine if a newer version of Omnipeek is available. If a newer version is available, a dialog is then displayed that allows you to open a browser window for upgrade instructions. You can also configure version checking automatically whenever Omnipeek is launched from the Options Workspace dialog (Tools > Options).
Opens the Readme file, containing information about the program which may have appeared since the publication of the current manual.
Getting Started Guide
Opens the Omnipeek Getting Started Guide.
LiveAction on the Web
The following indented items will launch the default Internet browser and load the appropriate page from the LiveAction web site.
Product News
Loads the latest product news about Omnipeek and related LiveAction products.
Technical Support
Loads the technical support pages.
LiveAction Home Page
Loads the LiveAction home page.
About Omnipeek
Displays the Omnipeek about box, including the last 10 characters of the serial number of your copy.
Click Support… in the About Omnipeek dialog to display key system and program information. You can also save this information to a text file.