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Using the Name Table : Adding entries to the name table : Adding names from other windows
Adding names from other windows
You can add to the Name Table or change name assignments for addresses by choosing device and protocol entries from other displays in the program. Any window that can show individual devices can be used as a source of names for the Name Table. This includes the following windows and views:
Packets, Expert, Nodes, WLAN, and Peer Map views in capture windows
Packet Decode windows
To add information from selected items to the Name Table:
1. Select an item in one of the appropriate views to be entered into the Name Table.
2. Right-click and choose Insert Into Name Table…. This opens a dialog (titled to match the appropriate view) with edit fields already filled in to match your selection.
3. Follow the instructions for making manual entries and edits to the Name Table. See Adding and editing name table entries manually.
NOTE: You can only apply the Insert Into Name Table command to one entry at a time. If multiple entries are selected, each one will be brought up in a separate dialog.