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Using the Name Table : Adding entries to the name table : Adding and editing name table entries manually
Adding and editing name table entries manually
To enter the name table entry manually:
1. On the View menu, click Name Table.
2. Do one of the following:
Click Insert. The Insert Name dialog appears.
Select the entry you wish to edit and click Edit. The Edit Name dialog appears.
3. Complete the dialog. The Node type options let you choose an icon representing this entry, including Workstation, Server, Router, Switch, Repeater, Printer, or Access Point.
NOTE: Click Help on this dialog to learn more about available options and settings.
4. Choose a Trust value for this entry. See Trusted, known, and unknown nodes.
5. Click OK to add the entry to the Name Table.
NOTE: Symbolic names assigned to protocols in the Name Table will not override names provided by ProtoSpecs. See ProtoSpecs™.