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Using the Name Table : Adding entries to the name table : Trusted, known, and unknown nodes
Trusted, known, and unknown nodes
You can use the Name Table to set Trust attributes for any physical address in the Name Table. This is particularly useful for monitoring security in 802.11 WLAN environments.
Unknown: This is the default value, assigned to any node that is automatically added to the Name Table.
Known: This is an intermediate value, letting you identify familiar sources that are beyond your own control, such as an access point in a neighboring office.
Trusted: This is the value you can assign to the devices on your own network.
There are two ways to set Trust values:
You can set these values in the same way as any other Name Table attributes. See Adding and editing name table entries manually.
You can right-click any node in the WLAN Statistics window or the WLAN view of a capture window and choose a Trust value.
If the node is already in the Name Table, its Trust value will be updated. If the node is not yet in the Name Table, the program will silently add the node, using its physical address as the Name for the new entry. If the node is identified in the WLAN view as an access point, the Node type of the new Name Table entry will also be set to Access Point.
TIP: You can set alarms and send notifications based on Trust. The Expert view can also use Trust information. Setting the Trust attributes for your network makes intrusion detection fast, accurate, and easy.