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Nodes statistics
Nodes statistics display real-time data organized by network node. You can view nodes statistics in a hierarchy view or in a variety of flat views.
To view nodes statistics:
Click the Nodes view in the navigation pane of a capture window.
The parts of the Nodes view are described below.
Nodes: Shows total count of nodes seen.
View Type: Choose a Hierarchy, or flat type (Physical, IP, or IPv6) of display.
Refresh: Sets display refresh interval. If interval is set to Manual, display will update only when Refresh is clicked.
Display Top: Limits display to top 5, 10, 20, 50, or 100 nodes seen, as measured by traffic volume.
Display Sent/Received/Both: Limits display to packets Sent, Received, or both.
Node Details: Opens Detail Statistics window. See Viewing details for a network node.
Make Filter: Opens Insert Filter dialog. See Creating filters with the Make Filter command.
Insert Into Name Table: Opens Node Address dialog. See Adding entries to the name table.
Resolve Names: Click to resolve name, if one exists in the Name Table for this address.
Graph: Opens the Graph Data Options dialog. See Graph display options.