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Expert Analysis : Flow Visualizer
Flow Visualizer
The Flow Visualizer presents a variety of ways to look at individual flows from the Packets, Expert and Web views, providing a static snapshot of the packets that were in the buffer for a particular flow at the time the window was created.
NOTE: The Flow Visualizer is not supported from a Capture a Engine capture window.
To open the Flow Visualizer:
1. From a capture window (make sure the capture is stopped) or opened capture file, choose one of the following:
In the Flows view, right-click any flow and choose Flow Visualizer (or double-click any single flow line).
In the Clients/Servers and Application views, expand the list and select a flow. Right-click and choose Flow Visualizer (or double-click an event row).
In the Packets view, right-click a packet and choose Flow Visualizer.
In any of the Web views, right-click an item (Request, Page, etc.) and choose Flow Visualizer.
NOTE: The Flow Visualizer menu item is not available or disabled when selecting an item which is not associated with any flow.
There are six tabs at the bottom of the Flow Visualizer: