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Expert Analysis : Network policy settings
Network policy settings
The Network Policy dialog lets you create, edit, save and reload descriptions of the participants and expected behavior of a particular network for the Expert to use in detecting Network Policy violation events. Network policy is only supported for wireless captures.
To open the Network Policy dialog, choose one of the following:
Click Network Policy in the Expert view toolbar
Right-click and choose Network Policy… from the Expert, WLAN, or Channels views.
Click Configurein the Expert EventFinder Settings window when an individual Network Policy event is selected.
There are five network policy events:
Each view describes a particular aspect of a network. When a view is enabled, the Expert notes a Network Policy violation when it sees traffic contrary to the settings in that view.
NOTE: You can enable, disable, or set the Severity settings for each view in either the Network Policy dialog or the Expert EventFinder Settings window. Changes made in either dialog are reflected in the other. See Expert EventFinder.
The Network Policy settings as a whole can be saved or loaded:
Click Export… to save the current settings in the Expert Settings File (*.exp) format.
Click Import… to choose a previously saved *.xml file, and use it to replace the current Network Policy dialog settings.
NOTE: The Network Policy settings form part of the settings for the Expert EventFinder. When you export or import settings from the Expert EventFinder Settings window, the Network Policy settings are also included. When you export from the Network Policy dialog, however, only the Network Policy settings are included in the created file.