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Sending Notifications
Sending Notifications
About notifications
Notifications are messages sent from triggers, alarms, Analysis Modules, and other parts of the program to announce and describe the occurrence of specified events on the network.
Each notification is assigned a level of severity that indicates the importance of the notification. Whenever a notification is sent, the assigned level of severity will trigger any actions that are configured to start when the level of severity is generated by the program.
There are four levels of severity:
The level of severity is set by the function generating the notification. For triggers, alarms and some Analysis Modules, the user can set the level of severity directly. Other Analysis Modules are coded to always assign a certain severity to notifications of a particular event. Analysis Modules can also be limited to a capped range of severities, overriding their internal coding.
For information about how functions generate notifications, see Setting triggers and Applying Analysis Modules.