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The Capture Window : Monitoring capture on a Capture Engine
Monitoring capture on a Capture Engine
On a Capture Engine, you can create a new monitoring capture window based on pre-configured capture settings configured to view higher level expert and statistical data in a continuous real-time capture.
To start a monitoring capture:
1. From a connected Capture Engine, do one of the following:
On the Home tab, select New “Monitoring Capture” under New Capture.
On the Capture tab, click the arrow to the right of Insert and select New “Monitoring Capture”.
On the Adapters tab, select Start “Monitoring Capture” under New Capture.
The General options of the Capture Options dialog appears. See Configuring general options. See also Configuring adapter options to select a capture adapter.
NOTE: Since a monitoring capture is optimized to view and analyze expert and statistical data, click the Analysis Options view from the Capture Options dialog and notice that all statistics are enabled. This helps to ensure optimum analysis of the data.
2. Click OK from the Capture Options dialog. A new Capture Engine capture window appears
3. From the new monitoring capture window, try the following:
Click the Network dashboard to see network statistics for the capture. See Network dashboard.
Click the statistics views to see various displays of the statistics data for the capture. To analyze the data obtained from a monitoring capture, see Displaying and Reporting Statistics.