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Displaying and Reporting Statistics : Viewing capture window statistics
Viewing capture window statistics
Capture window statistics are based on the actual packets that are accepted into the buffer of a capture window since the capture began, even if some of the packets may have been dumped, overwritten, or saved to a separate file (depending on the options you set in the General view of the Capture Options dialog).
NOTE: For a Capture Engine, you can use a Monitoring Capture template that lets you create a capture optimized for providing statistics, based on traffic seen on the adapter selected for that remote capture. For details, see Monitoring capture on a Capture Engine.
To view capture window statistics:
1. Start a capture to open a capture window. See The Capture Window.
2. From the navigation pane of a capture window, choose the statistic to view:
Summary: Summary statistics allows you to monitor key network statistics in real time and save those statistics for later comparison. See Summary statistics.
Nodes: Node statistics display real-time data organized by network node. See Nodes statistics.
Protocols: Protocols statistics show network traffic volume, in packets and in bytes, broken down by protocol and subprotocol. See Protocols statistics.
Applications: Applications statistics show basic statistics on applications for the entire capture/file duration, in packets and in bytes. See Applications statistics.
Countries: Countries statistics show a geographical breakdown of traffic based on IP address for a capture window. See Countries statistics.
WLAN: When a supported wireless adapter is selected as the monitor adapter, WLAN statistics displays an SSID (Service Set Identifier) tree view of wireless nodes. See WLAN statistics.
Channels: When a supported wireless adapter is selected as the monitor adapter, Channel statistics show a variety of statistics and counts for each channel of the WLAN band. See Channel statistics.
Signal: When a supported wireless adapter is selected as the monitor adapter, Signal statistics displays continuously updated graphs of wireless traffic signal strength. Signal statistics.
NOTE: WLAN, Channels, and Signal statistics are available only when a supported wireless adapter is selected as the capture adapter in Omnipeek.